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We have a great new coloring book for children. This coloring book is a marvelous educational tool for any child, especially if they are expecting a new little brother or sister. Download your copy; click HERE

When You Were Very New – Front Cover


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'Q' (Qanai) Headquarters – Where the 'Q' (Righteous Zealots) Gather –



United in Wisdom and Righteous Zeal by and for Jesus Christ's Zeal,

for His Kingdom, for His Righteousness, and for His Commands to render

a complete life to Christ


     The Qana'im ha-Tzadiqim (Righteous Zealots') or the Q's weapons and tools are unlimited, certainly not limited to death and destruction, but also include life, (full, abundant, healthy life), redemption, and the ability to transform a whole nation.  Think of the rainbow which is God's symbol of Love and Justice after the purifying baptism of the earth by the Flood. There is always hope, and victory if we are faithful to Christ.

     We Christians possess all manner of triumphant weapons and tools through Jesus Christ, every spectrum and color of virtue, so we can always find the precise instrument to prevail: Faith, Hope, Love, Truth, and Justice, Righteousness, Divine Wisdom, the Spiritual Armor of God, the Fruits of the Spirit, the power of the Resurrection through the Holy Ghost.

     Most importantly when we act on behalf of and with the Almighty Lord of Hosts, our advocate Jesus Christ (the Worthy Lamb of God, Redeemer, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords) we always triumph.

      II Corinthians 2:14 Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.





The Great Backyard Smorgasbord… Q-041514


The Great Backyard Smorgasbord

Yellow Wood Sorrel


...A Bit About Urban (and Suburban) Foraging  Q-041514

        by John W. Cosgrove


        Hi there, friends!  Well, after the nasty winter we have all had, spring is finally here.  The trees are blooming and budding, crocuses and tulips are appearing and in the backyard… the chive festival has begun.  In my former home in Missouri I always knew that the first mowing of the lawn was only a week or two away when a saw those small patches of bright green shoots spring up practically overnight…

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Q Ministry Update 10/07/14

Ruth at Life Chain event in St Louis
Ruth (Left) at Life Chain

     Good morning campers, and God bless you. It's been a while since I have reported to you and much has happened, good and bad, but all according to God's plan, I'm sure.

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